Cedar Stage    30’x 40’  fir and cedar corner posts and beams sourced from the land, beams torch blackened shou sugi ban style, structural butterfly fox brackets plasma cut from salvaged steel, Alpine Schist stone garden and steps
Glass Deck, Dave.JPG
      Glass Deck     Stained glass inset into wooden tree branch patterned railings. Meranti and salvaged fir decking, copper gutters. Private Commission, David Wight Glass Art. Bellingham WA.    
      Poured Concrete Countertop     Poured, cast, and acid dyed concrete with brass, copper and stone inlays. Acid etched copper backsplash. 16’16” x 2’2”    
   Two identically built Fiddlehead Spiral Cabins feature living roofs, tree to lumber wood processing, Shou Sugi Ban fire torched preservation, cob interior, thermal envelopes, timber frame/venetian plaster walls, radiant heat floors and are constructed atop steel skids for mobile transport. 
      Box Box    Tiny Home. Bellingham WA. 2016.  A converted Box Truck with spalted red alder step shelving, live edge manzanita wood detailing, original floor finished with cabaret red stain. Loft bed is suspended by steel rods connected into box truck frame.
      Sun Room    Private Commission. Bellingham WA  Built onto an existing house, the sun room was completed with an acid dyed & polished concrete floor, spalted wood ceiling with inset lighting, a south facing wall of sliding cedar windows, and exterior decking of Meranti wood.       
IMG_9523 copy.jpg
      Wight Glass House     Fine finishing spalted wood trim    Private Commission, David Wight Glass Art. Bellingham WA.
Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 11.01.59 PM.png
      Warehouse Dance Studio    Lookout Arts Quarry. Bellingham WA. 3800 sq ft  A radiant heat, sprung floor dance studio with aerial rigging. Sparks Designs oversaw & implemented: permits,  industrial equipment operation, foundation pour, steel beam construction, riveted steel panels, wood logged and milled on site, radiant heat gasifier system, spray foam insulation, electrical, flooring, and finishing. Sparks Designs also oversees the Artist in Residency Program that continues to operate out of this facility. The program provides contemplative practice space to support visiting national and international artists develop new work.
      The Cloud    A sprinter box truck converted into a lightweight tiny mobile home. Incorporates exterior riveted metal compartments, fiberglass nose cone creates a spacious sleeping loft, modular seating allows for a variety of arrangements, spray foam insulated walls create an efficient all season living space, light weight cabinetry built from reclaimed wine barrel wood,  triple pane skylight ceiling, cork floor with slate veneer and radiant heat.   
      Hot Steed Sauna     Salvaged tongue and groove cedar, spray foam insulated, double barrel dive tank stove
      Cork Floor     Recycled wine corks and Alpine Schist stone.
      Stone Patio        Alpine Shist stone, slate, and reclaimed wood.    
IMG_9034 copy.jpg
      Tree Pod         In progress. An all season live work studio built around the torso of a living tree, 360 degree double paned windows, suspension bridge and forest viewing platforms.        Artist Lead: Bemya Nymh, build and engineer support: SparksDesigns
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