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      Transformational Puppets and Parades     Over the course of a month long visit to Accra, Ghana, Sparks Designs created a series of large scale puppets and taught free community art workshops utilizing beach trash. Workshops culminated in a 15 km parade around the city that promoted sustainability and literacy. Sponsored by OSU Library Fund, Ghana Africa.
      Improvisational     Physical Comedy with a Cause     Performing for a Syrian refugee camp with the not for profit Emergency Circus, Nuremberg, Germany
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      Weavings     Sculpted forms are pre-made out of flexible white pvc pipe, kids are then invited to weave strips of re-purposed fabrics over these "bones" to bring to life multi-hued immersive animals. Sculptures have included a 60’ dragon, a 75’ Hydra Snake, and a 40’ storytelling fort. In addition, SparksDesigns annually creates the unique, eye-catching 1000' long woven fence for the Vancouver International Children's Festival.
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   Shadow Sail Theatre     A portable shadow theatre that hosts workshops in shadow puppet crafting by day and an interactive shadow playground by night. Multiple overhead projector stations set up with puppets, found materials, and shadow masks are designed to invoke audience participation in the creation of an eclectic, all inclusive shadow jam.    Shadow Sail Theatre was supported in part by the Burning Man Global Art Grant and Bellingham’s Sustainable Connections Kapow! Placemaking Grant.
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      Cardboard Island     It's amazing what a pile of cardboard and recycled crafting materials can become within a few days of all age innovation! This workshop and participatory art installation centers around families building an imaginary landscape together.       
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