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     GIFT HORSE    An ensemble of international award winning artists in a visually stunning spectacle of dreamlike proportions. Blending traditional vaudeville/cabaret acts, innovative puppetry and magic illusions from grandiose to subtle  Gift Horse  brings you surrealist physical theatre with human levitation, planetary alignment, walrus song and fine dining. Question who is really at the top of the food chain,  Gift Horse  looks itself in its own mouth.    Created & performed (in no particular order) by: Nayana Fielkov, Islando Sparks, Bemya Nymh, Heather Dawn Sparks, Janessa Johnsrude, Sadye Osterloh, Ezra Gabriel & Matthew Poki McCorkle. Directed by Matthew Poki McCorkle.
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      Habitats     Accompanied by a mysterious white hare, a woman travels through time to find home in a world of continuous transformation. Blending physical comedy, contemporary circus and dance, 'Habitats' is an interdisciplinary performance for all ages.      Created and performed by Nayana Fielkov & Isabelle Kirouac. Original music by Martin Reisle, shadow art by Heather Dawn Sparks. Supported by BC Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts and Made in BC.
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      Odds Are        A journey to the heart of human experience with: slow motion sword swallowing, virtuosic floor rolling, ethereal mimes, gnome hymns, Las Vegas magic, and extraordinary hair.    Directed by Mathew (Poki) Mckorkle, Operatic beheading and costume designer Nonny P, high flying hair snail acrobatics Noa Schnitzer, nose noodling and sword swallowing Justin Theirren, box magic set design trickery Heather Sparks, sky sprinkles and sound sparks Islando Sparks, Gnome hymns Bemyanymh
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      Hard Times Hit Parade     An immersive theatrical extravaganza set in a Depression-era dance marathon. Big and brassy dance routines, small solos, comedy, magic, puppetry, newsreel-style video and shadowplay revelations of inner character.    Directed by Kat Single-Dain. Set Design Heather Sparks, Alicia Cha, Justin Wright, and Brodie Kæ. Performed by members of the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret.
      Shoestring Rockinghorse     With mime, contortion, giant cloud puppets, clown and aerial acrobatics, Shoestring Rockinghorse deftly dances and dangles in a melancholic fairy tale world. From high flyings to low rollings, soft subtleties to virtuosic visions, floating clouds to falling rain, Shoestring Rockinghorse is truly an emotional trainwreck of talent.    Directed by Mathew (Poki) Mckorkle, with Ember Bria, Laura Stokes, Islando Sparks, Heather Sparks, Karla Mi Lugo, Clay Mazing, Tasche de la Rocha, & Bemyanymh
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