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      Tin Horse     Carefully crafted through traditional cold forge techniques: hammer and nail transform lowly tin cans into a horse leaping skyward filled with fires light.     Created through a series of workshops with residents from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Each tin scale has been punched intricately with Chinese symbolism and patterns. Acid etched copper, brass lamp parts, woven wire and hewn green glass highlight its features.    
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      Wave     35 recycled coconut oil barrels were shot through with electric sparks creating variegated blue waves tinged with copper orange. Malleable in form, each wave undulates and stacks into site specific sculptural formations. Their detailed silhouettes cast bold shadows against their environmental backdrop.
      Shadow Sail Theatre     A portable, interactive, shadow theatre designed to host a variety of multidisciplinary shadow events. Plasma cut metal, translucent boat sails, paper-cut and found object projection art, shadow dancers. Four 10’x10’ panels. Supported in part by Burningman Global Arts and Bellingham Sustainable Connection’s Kapow!
   Shrine     Danyasa Yoga Retreat and Eco Lodge. Uvita, Costa Rica. 2012. 9’x 13’ x 9’ Salvaged steel sugar cane boiler, salvaged steel framing and scrap metal objects, green glass, painted details .
      Shoestring Rockinghorse    A puppet built for the touring circus arts show  Shoestring Rockinghorse . 5'3" x 6' x 3'5". Horse Jaw, wood, burlap, rope, flashlight lenses, found materials.
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   Lanterns     Paper-cut and wooden lanterns built for the performance "Sufi Journeys". Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, Vancouver BC. 2'5" x 4' x 2'5"
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      Pop-Up Shadow Book     Illuminated through colour changing glass and a triplex of mirrors, paper-cut shadows unfold in pop up book form. Created for Nayana Fielkov and Isabell Kirouac's exquisite performance "Habitats".    
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      Medical and Liquor Cabinet     A stained glass cabinet built from glass off cuts, glass bottles and salvaged wood
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      Triangle Fort     A portable pop up storytelling fort built from salvaged film industry fabrics. 
      Collapsing Geodesics     Based on a sketch of a collapsing geodesic dome. Tin work sourced from materials found at the site. Reversible dinner jacket possesses a story told through pockets.
      Turquoise Fox Den     An immersive nest built from found turquoise objects. 
      Storybook Bird     OSU Library Fund, Accra, Ghana. 7’ x 12’ x 4.5’  Developed through free community workshops promoting sustainability and literacy. Beach Sourced plastic water bottles and woven wood cane.
      Soon This Space Will be Too Small    An encompassing light box built for an immersive labyrinth theatre experience in the basement of Cultch Theatre, Vancouver BC. Illuminated found Textiles and objects.
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