Feb 7-9 PDX Winter Light Festival, Portland OR

Feb 19 Electric Lantern Festival, Bellingham WA

March 15-16 Coast Salish Dance Festival, Bellingham WA

March 22 Bellingham Puppet Festival, Bellingham WA

May27-June 1 Vancouver International Children’s Festival, Vancouver BC

Sept 7,8,9 Sh’bang! A Festival of Ideas


2019 High Step Society, Mcdonald Theater, Eugene OR

2018 24 Hour Performance Festival, Alternative Library, Bellingham WA

2018 Copper Owl, Victoria BC

2018 Dubelevay Circus, Eugene OR

2018 Karla Mi Lugo, Headwaters Theater, Portland OR

2018 Enormous Face, LAQ, Bellingham WA

2018 Maya Concept Co, Bellingham WA

2018 / 2017 / 2016 2015 / 2014 / 2013 Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival, Vancouver BC 

2018/ 2017 / 2016/ 2015 Sh'bang! A Festival of Ideas, Bellingham WA

2018 Hooves and Beak, Spanel Planetarium, Alt Library, Bellingham WA

2018 Winter Solstice Lantern Festival, Vancouver BC

2018 Richmond Maritime Festival, Richmond, BC

2018 The Magic Party, Vancouver BC

2017 / 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 Vancouver International Children's Festival, Vancouver BC

2017 / 2011 Winter Solstice Lantern Festival, Vancouver BC

2017 ArtsWells Festival, Wells BC

2017 Oregon Eclipse Festival, Big Summit Prairie, OR

2017 Habitats, Shadow Pop-Up Book Set Design, Vancouver BC

2017 Imagined Landscapes, Winterupption Festival, Vancouver BC

2017 Kapow! Pop up Plaza, Bellingham WA                         

2016 Celebrate the Night, Maple Ridge, BC    

2016 The Field Gathering, White Crow Farm, Winlaw BC   

2015 Lightcatcher Museum, Bellingham WA                                                                                            

2014 Lululemon SeaWheeze Festival, Vancouver BC

2014 Caldera Arts, Sisters OR

2014 / 2012 Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver BC

2014 Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens and Chinese Cultural Centre, Vancouver BC

2014 Transformation Projects, Rocky Mountaineer Railway Station, Vancouver BC

2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011 Parade of Lost Souls, Vancouver BC

2013 Illuminaries Lantern Festival, Vancouver BC

2013 Sufi Journeys, Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, Vancouver BC

2012 Bicycle Arpeggio, Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

2012 Envision Festival, Costa Rica

2012 Obstructions: A Place Called Whisper, Pi-Theatre, Vancouver BC

2011 Hard Times Hit Parade, Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret, Russian Hall, Vancouver BC

2010 Soon the Space Will Be Too Small, Cultch Theatre, Vancouver BC

2010 A Most Peculiar Machine, ArtStarts Artists In Classrooms, BC

2010 Bobs and Lolo’s Musical Adventures, Set Design, T.V. Series, Vancouver BC

2009 The Village Project, Dusty Flowerpot Co, Ukranian Hall, Vancouver BC

2009 Dying City, Late Show Productions, Mount Pleasant, Vancouver BC

2009 The Listening Jar, Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret, Ukranian Hall, Vancouver BC



2019 The Boy in the Paper, Touring Fringe Show, Canada / USA

2018 Devon More, Subatomic Pop Opera, Canada

2017 Falling Awake, Ragmop Theatre, Canada / USA

2016 The Currency of Belief, USA / Tel-Aviv Israel   


2018 High Step Society

2018 Mattea Made

2018 Eli March, Circus Luminescence, Portland OR

2018 Moonwater, Eugene OR


2017 Gift Horse, Canada & USA tour

2016 Westward Ho's! Immersive Spaghetti Western Dinner Comedy, Performance, Bellingham WA

2015 Odds Are, Props, Costumes, Performance, Oregon Country Fair, Veneta OR

2015 Transformational Puppetry, OSU Library Fund, Accra, Ghana

2015 Emergency Circus Performance, Syrian Refuge Camp, Nuremberg Germany 

2013 Yipee Ki Yay Cabaret, Shadow Set Design and Puppeteer, New Orleans LA and Veneta OR 

2012/2013 Shoestring Rocking Horse, Set Designer, Costumes, Props, Performance, Veneta OR   

2013 New Old Time Chautauqua,  WA & OR Tour


ARTS ADMINISTRATION                                                                          

2019-2015  Artist in Residency Program Coordinator, Lookout Arts Quarry, Bellingham WA              

2018-2013  Artist Liaison, Sh'bang! A Festival of Ideas, Lookout Arts Quarry, Bellingham WA

2018-2015  Board of Directors, Lookout Arts Quarry, Bellingham WA


2017 Fiddlehead Tiny Homes, Bellingham WA

2017 Cedar Stage, 26’x 45’ Bellingham WA

2016 Glass Deck, David Wight Glass Arts, Bellingham WA 

2016 Box Box, Tiny Home, Bellingham WA

2016 Kinetic Tree Pod, Bellingham WA

2015 Cedar Stage, Lookout Arts Quarry, Bellingham WA 

2015 Portable Artist Studio, Bellingham WA

2014 The Cloud, Tiny Home, Spark Design, Bellingham WA                                                                

2012 Warehouse Dance Studio, Lookout Arts Quarry, Bellingham WA



2019 Artist Feature, Rural, SLAG Magazine, Shenandoah Valley, VA

2018 Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) Award, Washington Artist Trust

2016 Artist talk, Roundhouse Radio, Vancouver BC

2016 Adbusters Magazine, Vancouver BC

2015 Grant Recipient, Burning Man Global Arts Grant

2015 Grant Recipient, Kapow! Place-making, Sustainable Connections, Bellingham WA

2015 Keynote Speaker, PechaKucha, Bellingham WA

2015 Artist Interview, Maverick Wisdom, Vancouver BC

2014 Keynote Speaker, Creative Mornings, Vancouver BC

2013 Grant Recipient, BC Creative Communities

2013 Artist Talk, University of British Columbia & Community Arts Council, Vancouver, BC                

2012 Artist in Residency, Penasco Theatre, Penasco NM



2005-2008 Sculpture Arts, BFA. Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver, BC               

2005 International Exchange, Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea

2003-2005 Visual Arts Degree, Malaspina University, Nanaimo BC


2019 Master Clown Class, Stefan Haves, Bellingham WA

2018 Water in the Desert, Butoh College // Haruko Crow Nishimura, Degenerate Art Ensemble

2018 Bouffon Intensive, Nathaniel Justiniano of Naked Embire Bouffon Company

2018 ShadowBody, Butoh Intensive, Adam Koan

2016/2017 Deanna Fleysher, Naked Comedy

2016 Action Theatre Improvisational Training, Ruth Zaporah

2011 Creative Character Development and Personal Transformation through Clown,

        David MacMurray Smith, Vancouver BC